High speed of action and
agility in execution of
executive operations
Quick and accurate
notification of the
latest status of A
Providing a complete
chain of transportation
and logistics services

Where did we start?

We at Nasr Al-Rafedain, using our knowledge and experience in import and export, as a business partner of all customers, tried to identify their logistics needs in Iraq and according to the conditions of this country, road, sea and air freights services and We designed and created the clearance of goods in Iraqi customs.

The mastery of the Nasr Al-Rafedain team in Iraqi customs tariffs and clearance at the Iraqi customs caused to provide a special door-to-door shipping and clearance service to customers, beside this service, we provide other related services such as warehousing, unloading and loading, and preparing the necessary permits for Imports.


Logistics services

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besides to other logistics solutions to cover the needs of Nasr Al-Rafedain customers in Iraq,
this company also provides shipment loading and unloading services.

Loading and Unloading services

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the aim of developing logistics services,Nasr Al-Rafedain has established transportation
clearance services in its offices located in all road, air and sea borders of Iraq.

Customs clearance

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Nasr Al-Rafedain Company has tried to reduce the risks of Iraq’s transportation to a great extent by effectively managing these challenges by controlling and taking care of all operational processes.

Freight Insurance

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there are indoor, cold and open warehouses of Nasr Al-Rafedain in the cities of Erbil,
Baghdad, Basra, Shalamcheh, Um Al-Qasr and Karbala;


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Until around five years ago, road design and construction
rarely used any form of digitization or analytics, but these

Groupage service to Iraq

Full familiarity with
customs rules

High experience in

Communication networks
in different countries
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Our other offices

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